New Book!

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Now Available: Mary’s New Book!

Main Street’s Comeback… And How It Can Come Back Again hit bookstore shelves in early 2021!!  Published by HammondWood Press, the book recounts the Main Street program’s origins, chronicles its impact as an influential movement, and describes why its principles and practices continue to be relevant today, especially given the economic challenges small towns face in the wake of COVID-19. Main Street’s Comeback will be available through independent bookstores as well as the usual behemoths. Interested? Use the link on the button above to purchase it.

Early Buzz

Readers are responding positively to the book and affirming its significance:

Mary Means, Main Street’s Founder, has given us a definitive how-to can-do must-read book…

Tony Hiss, Author – The Experience of Place

[Mary] shows us how progress arrives and grows stronger, through organization, determination, support networks, “lots of little,” and work that touches people’s hearts.  If you love your community and want it to be better, here is your guide.

Otis White, Author – The Great Project:
How a Single Civic Project Changed a City

When America’s small-town main streets were down and out, Mary Means conceived a revolutionary new approach to community revitalization… and spawned a movement that has helped bring thousands of small towns back to life.  This book explains how and why this approach worked and why it is more relevant today than ever.

Ed McMahon, Chairman – National Main Street Center

Main Street’s Comeback reminds us… of the enduring power of democratic citizenship in the classic sense of people taking care of their communities and helping them realize their potential.

Daniel Kemmis – Former Mayor of Missoula, MT and
Author of Community and the Politics of Place