Mary Means has spent more than 30 years building bridges between plans and people. She has helped scores of cities, towns, counties and civic interest groups make their communities better places to live, work and visit.

Mary is a community planner skilled at unraveling complex issues and working with multiple organizations to find shared benefit or to negotiate workable solutions.

In an arena too often occupied by silos of expertise and information overload, Mary brings the power of synthesis, strategic thinking and clear communication. More than a plan, she leaves clients with a clear roadmap, a strong organizational platform and a motivated community ready to act.

She has led multi-disciplinary teams for complex regional plans, designed and managed large visioning initiatives, facilitated resolution of high profile development projects, helped institutions build strong partnerships with their neighbors, and coached organizations through the changes needed to transition into implementation. Prior to entering consulting, Mary led the team that created the National Main Street program at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. She was a Loeb Fellow at Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

And the Associates? Sometimes client situations call for specialized expertise or deep knowledge. Mary has developed a core network of distinguished practitioners to whom she turns. Thus, she is able to bring to challenging assignments some of the nation's most gifted experts. They too are motivated by the enjoyment of collaboration and the satisfaction of seeing communities succeed.


Mary Means + Associates
3419 Pendleton Drive
Silver Spring MD 20902

mmeans (at) marymeans (dot) com
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